assortment of koi knives

Koi Knives

Pros– Locally made, quality AUS10 Steel, looks great , Feels great
Cons– Price Tag (but worth it)

Well I can’t really fault these knives as they basically sell themselves if you are looking for a great looking, feeling and performing knife and you are prepared to fork out the money then these are your knives, (remember you pay for quality.)
They use AUS10 which is fast becoming the preferred steel by Japanese knife makers as they have better edge retention.​

Would I buy one? yes I already do

I am always being asked what are the best knives to buy?
My answer is pretty simple.

1.Take hold of the knife and see how it feels in your hand.
2. Is it in your price range?
3.Is it a reputable brand?

​What I have done is review some of the everyday knives I come across on my Sharpening runs and give you my personal/professional feedback.
There will be plenty of people who will disagree but this is just what I come across on a daily basis and it’s my personal opinion only.

If you want me to review a knife brand for you please let me know.