Monday drop off

Monday 3rd June

​Monday 10th June

47 Royal Parade Alderley

​(Please see below for our mobile service)

Sharpening Event

Meat at Billy’s Rosalie

Monday 17th June


For our Mobile Service there is NO call out fee
just a Minimum spend,depending on your location

Map of zones that Wicked Edge services in Brisbane
  • $80.00 per location within ZONE 1 (approx 9 items)
  • $100.00 per location within ZONE 2 (approx 11 items)
  • $120.00 per location within ZONE 3 (approx 13 items)
  • Anything outside of ZONE 3 we can discuss, thank you.
  • A Wicked Edge Sharpening accepts CREDIT CARD, CASH, INVOICE, EFT.

Cooks/Chefs knives- $9
Small paring knives- $6
Serrated edge knives (bread)- $9- We sharpen each individual scallop of the knife.

Fishing/Hunting Knives-$8-15
​Kitchen shears/scissors- $6-8
Dressmaking scissors-$6-9
Surgical scissors-$8
Hairdressing scissors-$15

Food processing blades- $15
Thermomix blades-$20

Manual Hedging trimmers- $8
Electric Hedge trimmers- $35-45
Mattocks/Shovels/Axes/Tomahawks- $15-$20
Other blades just ask

Mobile service

Brisbane South

Tuesday 18th June

Mobile service

Brisbane West

Wednesday 26th June

Mobile service

Brisbane East

Thursday 20th June

Mobile service

Brisbane North

Friday 7th June