Assortment of Furi knives

Furi Knives

Pros– Full Stainless steel, Clean lines, Well Priced, Attractive
Cons– History of cracking, Light (personal),Shape (personal)

​These knives were originally designed here in Brisbane, then main production was sent overseas for cost reasons i assume.They started off well then over the years some of the batches coming through were forming cracks in the blades due to manufacturing, but luckily if you have a cracked FURI knife they will replace it FOC. I’m personally not a fan but they are a pretty good knife now and it is a personal choice.

Would I buy one? Yes probably.

I am always being asked what are the best knives to buy?
My answer is pretty simple.

1.Take hold of the knife and see how it feels in your hand.
2. Is it in your price range?
3.Is it a reputable brand?

​What I have done is review some of the everyday knives I come across on my Sharpening runs and give you my personal/professional feedback.
There will be plenty of people who will disagree but this is just what I come across on a daily basis and it’s my personal opinion only.

If you want me to review a knife brand for you please let me know.