A Wicked Edge Mobile Sharpening is a Brisbane Based Mobile Knife Sharpening, Scissor Sharpening and selected Tool Sharpening service.

Our Sharpening service is used by Brisbane’s Best Chef’s, Butchers, Fishing Enthusiasts, Home Cooks, Schools, Commercial Food Processors, Dress Makers, Upholsterers, Hairdressers, Dog Groomers, Sail Makers, Recreational Enthusiasts and Gardeners.

We specialise in Knife Sharpening using a water-cooled, slow speed linishing system to create an edge with a mirror finish using a 7000 grit belt too finish that is sharper than new, we can give you the edge to suit your blade or if needed we create your own preferred edge within reason.

We don’t just sharpen the blade, we ensure it handles properly by re-shaping the edge and is appealing to the eye as well.

It’s not just Knives we sharpen, we also Sharpen a variety of Gardening Tools, Scissors and assorted Kitchen Blades, please refer to our pricing guide for further information.

Domestic Commercial Mobile Service

  • troy@awickededge.com.au

  • Drop off/Same Day Pick-up:
    47 Royal Parade Alderley 8-4 pm
    (Mondays only unless otherwise advised)
  • ​0411 057 434