Sunday Mail Article

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We had a small article in the Sunday Mail trying to get everyone to be very aware about the importance of sharp gardening tools. I was approached by a writer of the Sunday Mail to pose for quite a few shots and this was the final outcome, we didn't think it was going to be this big,very happy with it. So please keep those Knives, Tools and Scissors sharp, it could save your life one day.

The Chef days

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I was the Chef de Cuisine of Sheraton Brisbane Hotel and Towers Carriages Restaurant and this was a press release shot for the new signature dish. Another press release shot when i took over as Executive Chef of the Mercure and Ibis hotels Brisbane. Im just going back into the kitchen after speaking with guests after another busy nights service. These were my knives that i used in the kitchens for about 10- 15 years, you manage to collect more knives along the way chefs leaving them behind or you get them given to you as a gift.

How chefs feel about food critics and food bloggers

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This is a very touchy topic at the moment because there are a lot of food critics out there nowadays. In the past food critics and people who wrote for food magazines were mostly qualified individuals who were trained writers or communicators. Because of the growth of technology and the internet, everyone can be an expert in the field of being a food critic even with little knowledge of communication or food these days. In the mid eighties and nineties food critics walked a thin line as they knew about food, did a lot of homework and were employed

Is your GLOBAL KNIFE authentic or a counterfeit?

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​Believe it or not you might have an IMPOSTER in your Kitchen arsenal. I have come across so many GLOBAL knives that have either the black dots on the handle fading or the logo is wearing off or the comments i get is that they don't stay Sharp of long, chances are you have been sold a fake GLOBAL knife. If you think you have a fake be sure to take your knives back to your supplier and get the knives authenticated or ask for your money back. ​I want people to be aware of this as the GLOBAL knife is one of my favourite knives to Sharpen and such a high standard product should not be replicated. Please take

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